How does the Amino Miracle Diet work?
The Amino Miracle Diet is a comprehensive and complete approach to weight loss.  The Amino Miracle Diet combines daily supplements of our Amino Miracle Capsules with our exclusive healthy 1,000 calorie low-glycemic Food Options.  The result?  Healthy, fast, comfortable weight loss!  There are two phases to the program.  Phase 1 is the "weight loss phase," and can last anywhere from 21 - 60 days, or a maximum of 34 pounds per round (40 if over 100 pounds to lose).  You will take your Amino Miracle Capsules and create your healthy, 1000 calorie low-glycemic diet from our ample list of allowed foods.  The foods are real, wholesome, nutritious foods that you can easily find in your grocery store.  Phase 2 last 3 weeks, and is the "maintenance phase," in which you increase your calories as well as the variety and quantity of food.  During this program you will learn healthy new eating habits, which will help you to keep those extra pounds off after the program.  This is more than a diet ... it is a lifestyle change.

What are Amino Miracle Capsules?
Amino Miracle Capsules are a complex of thirteen amazing amino acids.  Amino Miracle Capsules also make it even easier to stay on our low-glycemic 1,000 calorie diet, while supporting the organs, glands, and functions of the body, so that you experience increased fat loss without undue stress to the body, maintain lean muscle, and promote a healthy balanced system throughout the body.  Amino Miracle Capsules are produced in a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registered, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facility in the United States, using only superior, highest grade raw materials. You can read more about them HERE.  

What do you mean by "low glycemic" foods?
The Amino Miracle Diet Eating Plan is packed with healthy, low-glycemic foods.  Low-glycemic foods help control and manage how blood sugars rise after you eat.  They are more satisfying than high-glycemic foods, take longer to absorb, help you feel full longer, and provide you with energy.  Higher glycemic foods trigger a rise in blood sugar, followed by a cascade of hormonal changes, which tend to make you hungry again sooner because they are metabolized quicker than low-glycemic foods.

Is the Amino Miracle Diet complicated? How will I know what to do?
No worries ~ your experienced and knowledgeable Coach is here to help.  With over eighteen years experience helping thousands of men and women lose weight, your Coach has broken the program down into an easy-to-follow format.  The Online Program will walk you through, step by step. You will also have unlimited email support during the duration of the program and can rest assured, knowing that your Coach will respond promptly.

I'm a vegetarian. Can I do the Amino Miracle Diet?
Yes! We are very excited to offer a successful weight loss program for vegetarians!

Can you tell me more about the food on the Menu?
The Amino Miracle Diet low-glycemic Eating Plan has been carefully layed out by your Coach to allow you plenty of choices that allow you to eat delicious foods while comfortably losing weight. All of the foods you get to choose from on our menus are real, nutritious, and easy to find in your supermarket. Your Coach has helped thousands of men and women lose weight, and through those years of experience, she knows what you want and has carefully crafted Menus that include a little cream in your coffee, a little dressing on your salad, and perhaps an occasional treat of wine or chocolate.  Just a few of our Menu items include - but are not limited to - chicken, beef, seafood, fish, legumes, tofu, nuts, dairy, eggplant, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, asparagus, berries, oranges, apples, avocado, olive oil ... and so much more.   

Can men do the Amino Miracle Diet?
Yes - and usually with faster weight loss results than women, much to the chagrin of their wives and girlfriends!  

Will the Amino Miracle Diet interfere with my medication?
It's possible.  We always suggest that you speak to your health care professional before starting any weight loss program or taking any supplements, especially if you are on any medications or have any health issues.

Can the Amino Miracle Diet be used by everyone? What if I have health issues?
As always, everyone should check with their health care provider before starting any weight loss program or using any supplements.  Please get your doctor's approval if you have any health conditions. We do not recommend this program for children under 18 or for women who are pregnant or nursing.  

Do I need to refrigerate the Amino Miracle Capsules?
Amino Miracle products do not have to be refrigerated but should be kept away from extreme temperatures and light. Don't leave it in places where it can get hot or cold --- like your car --- or where it is in direct sunlight. 

I don't have that much to lose. What is the shortest I can be on the Amino Miracle?
You should try to stay on Phase 1 of Amino Miracle for a minimum of 21 days, in order to set some new habits as well as your new weight.  Each formula is intended to last 30 days, if used as directed.  If you reach your goal weight before the 21 days your Coach will tell you how to slowly increase your calories to stop losing weight.

I have LOTS to lose. What is the longest I can be on the Amino Miracle Diet?
You may continue Phase 1 of the program for a maximum of 60 days or 34 pounds - 40 pounds if you have over 100 pounds to lose.  After that we suggest that you move on to Phase 2 Maintenance for 3 weeks.  After completing Phase 2 you may begin another round any time.  

I've done the hCG program.  How does the Amino Miracle Diet compare?
Amino Miracle Capsules do not contain hCG.  With the Amino Miracle optional Eating Plan you are eating five times a day, with three meals and two snacks, on a 1,000 calorie plan.  There is much more variety and flexibility in the eating plan.  You may exercise with this program, if you so desire.  Oh, and you can keep using all of your favorite beauty products - yippee!

Do I "load" on fats before starting the Amino Miracle?
It is not necessary to load on a lot of food, however, it is recommended that you eat healthy fats for two days prior to starting Phase 1, the diet.  We explain it all in detail in the Members Area on our website.  

I don't want my snoopy mailman to know I am dieting.  Is your packaging discreet?
Yes, for your discretion the packaging is plain and the return address is simply marked as MIRACLE.

What if I have a question that I don't see addressed here? 
Shoot us an email at and we'll get right back to you!

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